Women / المرأة

Women/ المرأة – acrylic on art paper. 40x50cm. For sale, contact me

Fatima chose the word ” المرأة ” (“women” in Arabic). She’s a teacher at a school in Balata Refugee Camp in Palestine. I painted her word on the front wall of her school when I met her in 2019. She was the first person to ever give me this word since I started “Share The Word Project” in 2013.There’s so much to be said about women in slums and refugee camps and their roles, their struggles, their leadership… One day I’ll have to adress this properly in the form of a text, or a show… Meanwhile I tried to use Fatima’s energy in this painting. Shout out to Yara, Fida, Jamila, Maryam, Rafif, Hadil, Wala, and all the strong Palestinian women out there!

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