Doni, 12 years old, chose the word “ИЙГИЛИК” (“good fortune” in Kyrgyz).

This word is for the kids of his generation who are hoping for a bright future in a very young country. (A couple of weeks ago, Kyrgyzstan celebrated 30 years of independence).

Since the day we arrived, Doni has been extremely helpful, always watching out in case we need anything and smiling in the process. He has been explaining our project to everyone, keeping our paint in his home at night and making sure we know where the closest tap is.

He only speaks a bit of Russian and we barely know a few words, but somehow he knows exactly what’s going! Super efficient and always smiling, a top lad!

I don’t know how much of the future is decided on good fortune or on will power, but for sure his community is fortunate to have youth like him!

The least we could do was to paint the wall he sees every morning in front of his gate!

Portrait by Spag Bertin

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