Seb Toussaint, born in Caen in 1988, is a British and Norman (Normandy, France) visual artist influenced mainly by two sub-cultures: the “ultras” scene and graffiti writing. His imagination is nourished by the places he has traveled and lived, and his passion for urban landscapes, fonts, scripts, and local fashion.

Seb Toussaint has never been to an art school or had any kind of formal art education. His “schooling” was completed within the ultra scene. Growing up in Caen, Seb Toussaint became involved in the local supporters’ group called “Malherbe Normandy Kop”, who support S.M. Caen, a professional french football club. In his late teens he designs and directs the creation of large-scale stadium displays, which are a characteristic of the ultra scene.

After years of intense traveling and outdoor painting with his friend Spag, a Norman photographer, the two young artists start working on their new idea: “Share The Word Project”.  The aim is to paint murals in low income neighbourhoods and refugee camps, each mural containing a word chosen by the owners of the wall.

Share The Word Project” has taken Seb Toussaint to many destinations worldwide.


  • January 2023, Nouakchott, Mauritania, Share The Word Project in Zaatar
  • Juillet 2022, Corsica, Installations with Le Grand Palais, Une Volta Bastia and Spaziu Culturale Carghjese.
  • Juin 2022, Caen, Normandy, Institution Saint-Joseph Stadium
  • May 2022, Vernon, Normandy, ”Courant d’Art” festival.
  • August 2021, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Share The Word Project in Zavodeskoy Poselok
  • Juillet 2021, Lannion and Morlaix, France, ”Siamonoism artwork” with Le Grand Palais and La Villette
  • Juin 2021, Gonesse, France, « Histoires d’art » with Le Grand Palais – Paris
  • September 2020, Sicily, Italy, Esposizione Share The Word, Exhibition in Favara
  • September 2020, Sicily, Italy, Share The Word Project in Favara
  • August 2020, Ingolstadt, Germany, Südtribüne’s walls in Audi Sportspark Stadium
  • July 2020, Colombelles, Normandy, Micro-Folies Festival
  • October 2019, Caracas, Venezuela, Share The Word Project in Petare
  • September 2019, Balata, Palestine, Street-Art Performances with ”Beyond Us”
  • August 2019, Ongonju, Mayotte, Street-Art project with community
  • July 2019, Caen, Normandy, Tribune Luc Borrelli’s walls in Michel D’Ornano Stadium
  • July 2019, Decazeville, France, Murmurs Festival
  • June 2019, Pré-en-Pail-Saint-Samson, France, Mont Des Avaloirs Belvedere
  • April 2019, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, ”Partage de Mots”, Exhibition at IFCI
  • March 2019, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Share The Word Project in Le Trou
  • Sept 2018, Nakivale, Uganda, Share The Word Project in Nakivale Refugee Settlement
  • May 2018, Paris, France, Les Capucines de l’Art, collective performance
  • April 2018, Nablus, Palestine, Share The Word Project in Balata Refugee Camp
  • April 2018, Nablus, Palestine, “Chromatic Voices” exhibition at Institut Français
  • November 2018, Niamey, Niger, Share The Word Project in Kombo
  • May 2017, Kurdistan, Iraq, Share The Word Project in Kawergosk
  • April 2017, Bogota, Colombia, painting of “Union” mural in Soacha
  • Jan – Feb 2017, Mumbai, India, Share The Word Project in Phule Nagar
  • July – Aug 2016, Bogota, Colombia, PAZ giant mural in Mariscal Sucre
  • May 2016, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Share The Word Project in favela Santo Amaro
  • Apr 2016, Pontivy, France, Outsiders Krew art show at Espace Kenere
  • Feb 2016, Calais, France, Share The Word Project in Jungle refugee camp
  • Nov 2015, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Share The Word Project in slum of Lideta
  • Jul 2015, Caen, France, Outsiders Krew art show at Gallerie Beaux Arts Citoyens
  • Apr – May 2015, Manila, Philippines, Share The Word Project in Gagalangin
  • Jan 2015, Cairo, Egypt, Share The Word project in Mazarita slum.
  • Aug 2014, Bogota, Colombia, Share The Word Project in barrio Mariscal Sucre. 
  • Apr – May 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal, Share The Word Project in Bainsghat slum.
  • Jan – Feb 2014, Nairobi, Kenya, Share The Word Project in Mukuru Kayaba
  • August 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia, Share The Word Project in Kampung Bayur
  • June 2013, in Saint-Lô, France : “Nossa!” exhibition on traveling through Brazil.
  • May 2012, Beijing, China : collaboration with Chinese artist Loke for mural on an art school in Beijing.