Shahed (15 years old) chose the word humanity (“Insaniyah” in arabic). She lives in a place where humans are segregated, but she told me that she wants her wall to be for humanity altogether. She cares about humanity, no matter the race or religion.


Yafa 5

Samar chose the word “Jaffa” (pronounced “yafa”). Jaffa, which today is part of Tel Aviv, is the city from which most families here in Balata come from, before being made refugees in 1948. She chose this word because she wants the young generations to know where their real homeland is.


Mira (15 years old) chose the word “Shajaah” (bravery in arabic). She told me that you have to be brave to live in Balata. There’s constant tension in the Camp, shootings waking you up at night, and incertainty when it come to the future.


Maryam (14 years old) chose the word “Soul” and wanted me to write it in English. She told me that the soul is the only part of a person that remains truly free. People can take her freedom away, but her soul will remain free.


Helwa chose the word “Karamah” (=Dignity). She works for the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) which manages the 4 local schools in Balata Camp, and all the other schools in Palestinian refugee camps. After Donald Trump decided to decrease UNRWA funding last January, the organisation is trying to raise funds to allow Palestinian children to get free education. The campaign is called “Dignity is Priceless”, and Helwa wanted to bring people’s attention on the importance of educating the next generation of Palestinians.


“I chose the word “Omy” (=my mother in Arabic). My mother has cancer and I want to show her love. This mural is for her.” – Iyara, 11 years old, in Balata Refugee Camp, Palestine.

Al 7uriya

Ro’an chose the word Al Huriya (=freedom). She is stuck in a small territory and has to get a permit if she wants to go to Yaffa, the city from which her family originates. She hopes to live in a free Palestine one day.

This mural is the 150th mural I’ve painted since starting “Share The Word Project” alomst 5 years ago! I’ve worked in slums and refugee camps all across the world, staying for one month in each place and living great experiences! Thank you to the 149 people who have given me beautiful words to paint! (And also thank you to the guy in Indonesia who gave me the word “floods”, because you made me laugh!).