Share The Word

“Share The Word Project” is an on-going global art project by Seb Toussaint.

Seb Toussaint approaches families living in slums and refugee camps and asks them to express a word that is meaningful to them and which they would like to share with the outside world. He then paints the word on the family’s house, freestyling the mural. He typically spends one month in each place.

The aim is not only to bring his art to areas where streetart is very rare or non-existant. Above all, the aim is to bring attention to vulnerable communities through people’s voices. “Share The Word Project” makes people from the outside world listen to what marginalised communities want to express. On social media, during exhibitions or talks, the artist explains the stories behind the words and why people chose them.

To this day, “Share The Word Project” has taken place in Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal, India, France, Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Colombia, Brazil and Palestine. Seb Toussaint has painted more than 160 different murals with words in many different scripts and languages. To follow the project : @sebtoussaint on instagram.

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Lideta, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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