Share The Word

“Share The Word Project” is an on-going global art project by Seb Toussaint.

Seb Toussaint approaches families living in slums and refugee camps and asks them to express a word that is meaningful to them and which they would like to share with the outside world. He then paints the word on the family’s house, freestyling the mural.

He typically spends one month in each place.

The aim is not only to bring his art to areas where street-art is very rare or non-existant. Above all, the aim is to bring attention to vulnerable communities through people’s voices. “Share The Word Project” makes people from the outside world listen to what marginalised communities want to express. On social media, during exhibitions or talks, the artist explains the stories behind the words and why people chose them.

To this day, “Share The Word Project” has taken place in Kenya, Indonesia, Normandy, Nepal, Colombia, Egypt, the Philippines, Ethiopia, France, Brazil, India, Iraq, Italy, Niger, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Mayotte, Palestine and Venezuela.

Seb Toussaint has painted more than 200 different murals with words in many different scripts and languages.

To follow the project : @sebtoussaint on Instagram.

Favara, Italy, – September 2020

”SCOOTER” in italian, chosen by Carmelo, 15

”LIFE”, chosen by Muftah

”FRIENDSHIP” in italian, chosen by Alfredo, 13

”FAITH” in italian, chosen by Paola

”RESPECT” in italian, chosen by Maria

Petare, Caracas, Venezuela – October 2019

”RESILIENCE” in Spanish, chosen by Katy, 44
”LIFE” in Spanish, chosen by Yaneth, 67
”FREEDOM” in Spanish, chosen by Emily, 13
”COMMITMENT” in Spanish, chosen by Solange, 47
6”UNION” in Spanish, chosen by Sheherazade, 17
13”FRIENDSHIP” in Spanish, chosen by Chipi, 45
”MEMORY” in Spanish, chosen by Yoana, 44
”GOD” in Spanish, chosen by Henry (Brisas de Propatria)

Balata Refugee Camp, Palestine – September 2019

rafif”LIFE” in Arabic, chosen by Rafif, 11
69734717_1527316054076164_8060191912667119616_n”WOMAN” in Arabic, chosen by Fatima, teacher, 45
69835305_1528089580665478_376689209047515136_n”HAPPINESS” in Arabic, chosen by Iara, 12.
70896116_1529676143840155_5703723398086000640_n”COOPERATION” in Arabic, chosen by Oma Mohamad, 80
70935818_1533091976831905_2933523479904911360_n”CREATIVITY” in Arabic, chosen by Jamila, 16
70366271_1533867596754343_5541270052570923008_n”EXEMPLE” in Arabic, chosen by Mahmood, 16

Ongojou, Mayotte – August 2019

69805713_1517867648354338_230186813724033024_n”YOUTH” in Shimaore, chosen by the local kids
69233475_1513328025474967_2711270535928479744_n”GOODNESS” in Shimaore, chosen by the local kids
68729253_1511025552371881_6069541151554142208_n”UNITY” in Shimaore, chosen by the local kids
68817341_1508155352658901_3006131259253456896_n”TO LOVE EACHOTHER” in Shimaore, chosen by the local kids
68805479_1506685332805903_1629764703842467840_n”WATER” in Shimaore, chosen by the local kids

Le Trou, Abidjan, Ivory Coast – March 2019

56247853_1408054182669019_2996443329157136384_n”PEACE” in French, chosen by Mama Cadi, 48
56828147_1411617872312650_7360067262226628608_n”LOVE” in French, chosen by Cynthia, 20
55823733_1405846279556476_4652543466788618240_n”JOY” in French, chosen by Adele, 40
57373062_1419228428218261_1068341323532075008_n”ALLAH” in Arabic, chosen by Habiba, 43
58622780_1421320244675746_6408521127563362304_n”LIFE” in French, chosen by Janette, 37
57154848_1415817768559327_8984020918267281408_nPhoto : Spag

New Congo, Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda – September 2018

Karibu1”WELCOME” in Swahili, chosen by Chantal, young mother
Amani2”PEACE” in Swahili, chosen by Chantal, 56
Paix2”PEACE” in French, chosen by Baloba, 50
Furaha”HAPPINESS” in Swahili, chosen by Chantal, 42
”LUCK” in French, chosen by Patience, 35
Ubuzima2”LIFE” in Kinyamurenge, chosen by Emme, young mother
neema”GRACE” in Swahili, chosen by the neighbors
Upendo2”LOVE” in Swahili, chosen by Emme, 16
Umoja2”UNITY” in Swahili, chosen by Gladys, 15
41900316_1277351889072583_6952666073485279232_n”SALVATION” in Swahili, chosen by Weto, 50

Roma Slum, Nanterre, France – June 2018

35026773_1181860208621752_4875202190685241344_n”LOVE” in Romanian, chosen by Marius, 20
35271095_1184199855054454_6538245357699072000_n”FREEDOM” in Romanian, chosen by Samir, 13
35524058_1188922724582167_1776664293446516736_n”LOVE” in English, chosen by Cristina, 11
35812659_1191102291030877_8153540986736214016_n”HEALTH” in Romanian, chosen by Dan, 25
36283419_1196487573825682_5327342632114847744_n”MARIE” (French local teacher), chosen by Armani (Marie’s pupil), 9

Balata, Palestine – May 2018

Insaniyah_light”HUMANITY” in Arabic, chosen by Shahed, 17
Filastin_light”PALESTINE” in Arabic, chosen by Mohamed, 17
Karamah”DIGNITY” in Arabic, chosen by Elwa, 35
Yafa 5”JAFFA” in Arabic, chosen by Samar, 45
Soul”SOUL” in English, chosen by Maryam, 16
Shadja3ah”BRAVERY” in Arabic, chosen by Mira, 15
Al 7uriya”FREEDOM” in Arabic, chosen by Ro’an, 14
Omy”MY MOTHER” in Arabic, chosen by Iara, 11
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 15.34.56”THE RIGHT OF RETURN” in Arabic, chosen by Maryam, mother
Al Quds”JERUSALEM” in Arabic, chosen by Fahdi, 17
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 15.37.18

Kombo, Niamey, Niger – Novembre 2017

View of Kombo1

Paix_full”PEACE” in Fench, chosen byOmar and Ynaia
 Yarinta”YOUTH” in Hausa, chosen by Maimouna, 23
Adjapama”WELCOME” in Fula, chosen by Ibrahim, 40
DSC_0201”PATIENCE” in Zerma, chosen by Koda La Cadette, 35
Bani”HEATH” in Zerma, chosen by Moussa, 50
”UNION” in French, chosen by Moussa, 20
Jihad”STRUGGLE” in Arabic, chosen by Karim, 16
Sabu”THANK GOD” in Zerma, chosen by Yvonne, 53

Kawergorsk, Iraq – May 2017

Future”FUTURE” in English, chosen by Hassen, geography teacher
Azadî”FREEDOM” in Kurmanji, chosen by Redwan, 41
Qamislo”QAMISHLI” (Syrian city) in Kurmanji, chosen by Fars, 48
Kurdistan”KURDISTAN” in Kurmanji, chosen by Roshenk, 26
Love_Jafa”LOVE” in English, chosen by Yafa, 40
Salaam”PEACE” in Arabic, chosen by Yasmeen, 23
”AMBITION” in English, chosen by Diyar, 19
Amal_light”HOPE” in Arabic, chosen by Idriss, 40
Jiyan_Hani”LIFE” in Kurmanji, chosen by Hani, 14
Asti”PEACE” in Kurmanji, chosen by Shinda, 27

Phule Nagar, Mumbai, India – January 2017

Trust”TRUST” in English, chosen by Sameena, 20
respect”RESPECT” in English, chosen by Abdulrahman, 32
tamilan”TAMILANS” in Tamil, chosen by Surya
muskan”SMILE” in Hindi, chosen by Arshad’s neighbors
ladies-bench”TOGETHER” in Hindi, chosen by Muskan, 20
nisarga-2”NATURE” in Maharati, chosen by Ajay, 16
itcha-1”WISH” in Hindi, chosen by Arbaz, 17
ekta-unity”UNITY” in Maharati, chosen by Rubina, 34, leader of the slum
20170125_103252”HAPPINESS” in Urdu, chosen by Alt Mush, 22

Mariscal Sucre, Bogotà – August 2016

harnessharness2palo altoPAZ”PEACE” in Spanish, chosen by the community

Santo Amaro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – June 2016

view2Uniao”UNITY” in Portuguese, chosen by the owner of the supermarket
Respeito”RESPECT” in Portuguese
Viva Cristo”CHRIST” in Portuguese, chosen by Telma, 80
vida”LIFE” in Portuguese, chosen by Jose, 50
Paz-Santo Amaro”PEACE” in Portuguese
Liberdade SA”FREEDOM” in Portuguese, chosen by Maria
Jesus”JESUS” in Portuguese, chosen by an old man
fiel”LOYAL” in Portuguese, chosen by Agosto, 40
Humildade”HUMBLE” in Portuguese, chosen by Felipe, young father
Bem Vindo Ao Santo Amaro”SANTO AMARO” (name of the favela), chosen by gangsters
Amor”LOVE” in Portuguese, chosen by Ditimar, 55
Amizade”FRIENDSHIP” in Portuguese, chosen by Marta, president of the favela
Uniao 3

La Jungle, Calais, France – February 2016

main_street_junglelove_jungle”LOVE” in English, chosen by Ugus Solomon, Erythrean migrant
”FAMILY” in English, chosen by Nugusu, migrant from Addis-Ababa (Ethiopia)Kobane_Jungle”KOBANE” (Syrian city), chosen by Ali Osman, 27
calais_jungle_1Faith_jungle”FAITH” in English, chosen by Kaiji, migrant from Ethiopia and Erythrea
Dream_jungle”DREAM” in English, chosen by Sali, 26, from Teheran

Lideta, Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia – November 2015

Berimo Stadium East Stand
”PEACE, LOVE, FOOTBALL”, chosen by the community
Berimo Stadium West Stand
”LIDETA” (name of the neighborhood) in Amharic, chosen by the community
Abyssinia”ABISSINYA” in Amharic, chosen by Eyoel, 27
SPG_5308”BIETESEB” in Amharic, chosen by Beriha and Aberhat (young sisters)
SPG_4629”MERCY” in English, chosen by Hermes, 13
SPG_4294”HARMONY” in English, chosen by Tsion, 14
SPG_4213”ETHIOPIA” in Amharic, chosen by Sissai
SPG_4461”UNITY” in English
SPG_7997”COFFEE” in Amharic, chosen by Solomon, 50
SPG_4044”WESSEN” (name of a dead woman) in Amharic, chosen by Shaoui (Wessen’s son)

Gagalangin, Manila, Philippines – May 2015

SPG_3782”FREEDOM” in English, chosen by a kid
Honesty”HONESTY” in English, chosen by Kimberley, 11
Unity”UNITY” in English

pianting church Love

SPG_6205”LOVE” in English, painted on a church
 SPG_6121”LOVE” in English, chosen by a young kid
SPG_4683”UNITY” in English, chosen by Bong, 50
future”FUTURE” in English
Jesus”JESUS” in English
Peace”PEACE” in English
SPG_6217”JOY” in English
hope”HOPE” in English, chosen by Gomez, 36
Education”EDUCATION” in English, chosen by Rose Ann, 12

Mazarita, Cairo, Egypt – February 2015

Masr”EGYPT” in Arabic, chosen by Ashraf
Mohamed Rasul Allah”MOHAMED THE MESSENGER” in Arabic
Malek”THE KING” in Arabic, chosen by Oma Habiba
Masha'Allah”MASHA’ALLAH” (”What God Willed”) in Arabic, chosen by an old man
Mazaritah”MAZARITA” (name of the neighborhood) in Arabic
LA Elah Ela Allah”ALLAH IS THE ONLY GOD” in Arabic
Allah”ALLAH” in Arabic, chosen by Nasr
Alhamdulillah”ALHAMDULILLAH” (”Thanks to God”) in Arabic
Al Karim”THE GENEROUS” in Arabic, chosen by Youssef’s family
smile”SMILE” in facial language, given by Oma Habiba
Ya Rab Satrak”GOD FULFILLS OUR NEEDS” in Arabic,
Al Ghafur”THE FORGIVER” in Arabic, chosen by Youssef’s dad

Mariscal Sucre, Bogotà, Colombia – July 2014

mariscal_sucrehumildad-bogota”HUMILITY” in Spanish, chosen by Mariana’s famil
amistad”FRIENDSHIP” in Spanish
”HONOR” in Spanish
libertad-bogota”FREEDOM” in Spanish
felicidad”HAPPINESS” in Spanish
respeto”RESPECT” in Spanish
angie”ANGIE”, name of a dead young girl from the barrio
mariscal-bogota”MARISCAL SUCRE”, name of the neighborhood
esperanza-bogota”HOPE” in Spanish
honestidad-bogota”HONESTY” in Spanish, chosen by Don Pablo, chief of the barrio
crear-bogota”CREATE” in Spanish
10549970_831456916873206_6789199502823597339_o”UNITY” in Spanish
10636776_835878379764393_4904363190528944851_o”THANK YOU” in Spanish
10351316_822892017729696_7252949558593114507_n”LOVE” in Spanish, chosen by Teresa
10633420_835872809764950_1275272805264940830_o”ISABEL” (name of a dead girl from the barrio), chosen by Magda, Isabel’s mother

Bainsighat, Kathmandu, Nepal – April 2014

sunmoon”MOON AND SUN”, given by the Sahdu and Dr Das
namaste”HELLO” in Nepali
jaimashi”HI” in Nepali,
compassion”COMPASSION” in English
Image 15”CHANGE” in English, chosen by a kid
Image 14”THANK YOU” in Nepali, chosen by Bishal
Image 11”NEPAL”
Image 13”EVEREST” in Nepali
Image 10
”WELCOME” in English, chosen by Aisha and Kusbue

Prostitutes’ neighborhood, Caen, Normandy – March 2014

amourcaen”LOVE” in French, chosen by Danielle from Yaounde (Cameroon)
revecaen”DREAM” in French, chosen by Tina from Yaounde (Cameroon)
fashioncaen”FASHION” in English, chosen by Wendy from Yaounde (Cameroon)

Mukuru Kaiyaba, Nairobi, Kenya – January 2017

Mukuru view2Mukuru Education”EDUCATION” in English
Mukuru Cresent”CRESCENT” (local area), chosen by the inhabitants
Mukuru Love”LOVE” in English
Mukuru Gracious”GRACIOUS” in English, chosen by Mama Ashy
1537916_729059997112899_2129560724_o”HOPE” in English, chosen by Grace Mutheu
1658200_726565890695643_1277392708_o”UNITY” in English, chosen by Steve, local carpenter
Mukuru MukuruBridge”MUKURU” (Name of the slum)
1417516_726574637361435_1927120099_o”KAYABA” (name of a locality in the slum) & ”ART” in English
Mukuru Humble”HUMBLE” in English
wisdom”WISDOM” in English
1781144_723502671001965_2019305648_o”MUKURU” (name of the slum), chosen by Niamay, headmaster of the school
1500882_723503837668515_529140685_o”HARMONY” in English
1556221_730195793665986_592564585_o”CAPSTONE” (name of the church), chosen by the pastor
Mukuru Peace1”PEACE” in English
Mukuru Peace2”PEACE” in English

Kampung Bayur, Jakarta, Indonesia – August 2013

”HARMONY” in English
Pulang Basamo
”PULANG BASAMO” (When people get together at the end of Ramadan) in Western Sumatra
”FLOOD” in Indonesian, chosen by Prans and his family
”PEACE” in English
”FREEDOM” in Indonesian
”PENDOPO” (a place where people gather) in Indonesian
Jakarta-KaliMalangKali Malang (name of the river) in Javanese
”NABILA” (name of a local girl), chosen by Nabila’s grandmother
” THANK YOU” in Indonesian
”ALIF” (name of a local boy), chosen by Alif’s grandmother
Image 6
”HELLO” in Batak
Image 4