Colores para Petare

Launching ColoresParaPetare !
Along with Venezuelan artist Dagor we have put together a colouring book to raise money for inhabitants of Petare in Caracas, the largest slum in South America.
Download the colouring book and make a donation of the amount you want.

The coronavirus lockdown and this new economic crisis is effecting an already extremely vulnerable Venezuelan population.
In Petare, South America’s largest slum, staying at home means getting no source of income, and therefore no food.

The money will go towards both printing colouring books for the children of San Blas a sector of Petare, and buying food for the families. No one can create art on an empty stomach.

Thank you!



Ubuntu is a zulu word meaning a quality that includes essential human virtues like compassion and humanity.
This canvas was a commission for a client.

Acrylic on a 60×60 canvas

I want to take this opportunity to thank clients who are enabling us artists to make a living, especially for street artists who’ve seen all their outdoor work cancelled for the next few months. Thank you!

Learn about Vulnerable People Groups

I made an online quiz for you to test your knowledge and learn about vulnerable people groups!

Quiz Here

I’m not going to be able to paint with vulnerable communities this spring because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Let’s make the most of our time behind closed doors to learn about others.
Each question is followed by a short text explaining the answer.

Hope you enjoy it and learn stuff! Give me your feedback!

The picture was taken in Kawergosk Refugee Camp in Iraq.


“Sueño” (”Dream” in Spanish) is a word that was given to me twice on Share The Word Project (in different languages) : once by Tina, a Cameroonian prostitute in Normandy and once by Sali, an Iranian refugee in Calais, France.
I hope that today Tina and Sali have each gotten closer to fulfilling their dreams!

I had a lot of fun painting this one, making the spray paint spit more than on my usual shading effects

Sueno-canvas-2020Acrylic on a 60×60 cm canvas. For sale ! Contact me.

San Juan La Laguna, Solola (Guatemala)

Chonita chose the word “Kotz’ij” which means “flower” in Tz’utujil. She told me that flowers are hugely important in Tz’utujil culture and they are very often present in the patterns on women’s clothing. These colourful dresses are woven in the village itself. Also Chonita wanted me to paint a word in the Tz’utujil language. It is one of the languages of the Mayan people, and she wishes for the future generations to carry on speaking the language even though Spanish is the language used at school, at work, in newspapers and to communicate with other people groups of Guatemala.

Thank you to Thelma, Diego and Reina for the warm welcome, thank you to Tchan for the help painting ! And thank you to Chonita for making me paint a word in a native American language!