Favela Santo Amaro

For one month we painted in Favela Santo Amaro, a vulnerable community situated close to the center of Rio de Janeiro, between Catete and Gloria. It’s a very tight community with people who have a real sense of living together. People understood the project and gave us many words to paint straight away. Some of the youth who don’t go to school spent some time with us and help us paint the murals.

AmizadeAmorBem Vindo Ao Santo AmaroFavela Santo AmarofielHumildadeJesusLiberdade SAMilena paintingOold baianoPaz-Santo AmaroRespeitoSanto Amaro & 715smileUniao 3Uniao 2Uniaovidaview_from_SAview_of_SAViva Cristo

Mariscal Sucre

Mariscal Sucre is the name of the low income neighbourhood we’re working in. The people thought it would be great if we painted the name of the place on this large wall which is visible from the main road. Now everyone knows the name !



Share The Word with the prostitutes of Caen


Share The Word with the prostitutes of Caen (France).
We have started a new episode of our Share The Word project, this time in our hometown of Caen, with the prostitutes. The idea is the same, we ask them to express a word which we then paint on their vans. D. shared the word “Amour” (love).

Share The Word avec les prostituées de Caen (France). 
Nous avons commencé une nouvelle action de notre projet Share The Word, cette fois-ci chez nous à Caen avec les prostituées sur la presqu’île. L’idée est la même, nous leur demandons d’exprimer un mot que nous intégrons ensuite dans une fresque peinte sur leur camion. D. à partagé le mot “Amour”.



“Education” was the word chosen by the young men in charge of this “library”. Although this library only has very few books, it provides young people with  place to sit down and study, their homes being too small.

Mukuru Education