Nature, Day and Night.

I have just completed this 2-piece mural on a tower in Mayenne, France. It was built on the West of France’s highest peak, enabling people to admire the view from above the trees at 18 meters above the ground.
As usual, I freestyled the mural. While I was painting the first coat in white, I started thinking about what I was going to paint. Being immersed on my own in a Natural Park, I thought of portraying the surrounding nature through my patterns, with one wall showing nature at night, and the other nature during daytime. The “night” wall shows a moon, closed flowers, a lightning pattern, a starry night and silhoutes of flying owls. The “day” wall shows the sun, open flowers, a cloudy sky, buzzards, etc… Nature itself is a beautiful yet fragile balance between the elements. I had this in mind as I improvised the mural, balancing lines, colours and shapes.


67137443_1492057607602009_207986621692248064_n(Photo: @lordey_thomas)

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