I spent the last 4 weeks on this huge project inside my football stadium which was also my “art school” when I was a teenager. The Stade Michel D’Ornano is the home ground of Normandy’s top professional football club : Stade Malherbe Caen. I’ve been attending games here since I was a kid in 1998. When I was a teenager I started designing and painting huge flags and banners for the supporters group. The older lads pushed me to create even more and encouraged me as they sensed potential. I’ve never had a formal art education, so being part of this supporters group (the MNK96) this is the closest thing I have to an school.
This summer I was asked to paint 365m2 of my stand however I wanted. I included symbols of my city Caen, my region Normandy, and of course my football club SM Caen.

While painting these murals I made sure I passed on some of my experience to some younger lads, becoming a teacher in the “school” I used to attend as a pupil. Thank you to M, who helped me all the way! .

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