New Print !

New print available on my online shop !

Limited edition of 35 prints. 40×50 cm
Pigmentary print on 300 gsm mat paper
Numbered and signed by the artist.

“Vida” is the Spanish word for “Life”. It is a word I was asked to paint 3 times over the last few months in slums I worked in for Share The Word Project. I wrote it in French in the Ivory Coast, then in arabic in Palestine and in Spanish in Venezuela.

As a got back home from Venezuela I thought that the word “Vida” says so much about the slums of Caracas. People are making up for the lack of outside help and the fact that 15% of the population has left the country. They compensate by being more alive than ever, caring for each other, and being very active in their communities. Even an extremely brutal can’t take away life. And as Venezuelans will tell you quoting the Bible : “Mientras hay vida hay esperanza”! While there is life, there is hope“)

Shipment worldwide apart from North Korea, Palestine, Sudan, South Sudan, Venezuela and Yemen.
I’m very sorry about this, I know it’s unfair, I hate seeing these countries being excluded, I just can’t find a way to send the prints there. I guess I’ll just have to carry on painting murals in those places.

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