Colombelles, Normandy

Robert, 77 years old, worked at the steelworks before the plant closed in 1993.
He wanted me to paint the word “Fusion” which refers to the steelworks and to the comming together of different communities of workers : the Polish, the Italians, the North Africans and the locals. They even came together with football forming their own club. It was very moving for me to see what kind of impact the steel plant had on the community, and I can’t imagine how they all felt in 1993 when the plant moved to Handan, China.
This one is for Robert, my friend Salah and all the other workers of the SMN in Colombelles.


Thank you to Pascale for organising the Micro-Folie event! Thank you to Rick, Clara, Erwan and the team at Le Wip for these few days of painting in a great atmosphere!
Photo by Spag Bertin

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