FC Ingolstadt

Pictures of my 250m² mural in Ingolstadt’s stadium. FC Ingolstadt is a club playing in Germany’s profesional leagues. They asked me to paint the Südtribüne which is the main supporter’s stand. As usual I didn’t know what I was going to paint before I got to Ingolstadt. Ideas came to me as I was taken for tours around the city and spent time with the fans. The patterns surrounding the badges and coat of arms all have specific meanings. My aim was to make the fans truly feel at home. Like neighbourhoods, stadiums are all about hosting communities!

This is the 3rd football stadium I’ve painted after Berimo Stadium in Ethiopia and my local Stade Michel D’Ornano in Normandy. I feel like I should paint one is Asia or America next, so give us a shout if you happen to own a stadium in Bolivia or Uzbekistan! 😊

Everything’s freehand. No projectors, no stencils, no masking tape.

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