200th !!

200th mural on Share The Word Project! In the past 8 years, I’ve painted 200 murals in about 20 different countries around the world, in slums and refugee camps. My aim has been to highlight marginalised people’s voices by painting their words on their walls. I want to make the most of this landmark to thank my friends who’re with me on this adventure : the phographer @spagbertin with who this was started, my assistant Dudu, and other assistants Abdul Malek, Nono and El Afghani! Each mural I’ve painted contains one word, and each word has a person and a story behind it. So many amazing stories!

This time, Carmelo, 15, chose the word MUTURI, a Sicilian word meaning a scooter. He lives in a low income town in Sicily that has undergone a severe recession in the 90s losing 2/3 of its population. The town is in a terrible state and like many kids here, he spent his childhood almost locked inside this ghetto. These last few months, he’s been using a scooter which gives him the freedom to move around and go to neighbouring villages. He also uses it to shop for his mother. His dream is to travel far and maybe go to New York one day!

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