Govandi 3

Govandi 3. 30x40cm on painting on paper. Artwork for sale. Contact me for more info!

Been working on a series of paintings using large brush strokes on paper, fragments of movement. I’m calling them by names of Mumbai railway stations where I remember men selling packets of drinkable water for 2 rupees, stray dogs sniffing the floor in search of naan crumbs, kids whacking cricket balls looking for 6s and hitting the odd commuter more often than not, groups of women carrying too many bags who somehow managed to fit inside packed carriges, oldies in a corner on their knees in a conversation with Mohammad ﷺ , the cool lads gliding into each station bodies outside the train, hanging on with an arm and a leg, flying off while the train is still in motion because if you can fly why the hell would you walk? And the more I look at the scene, the less it seems chaotic, the more it makes sense. Everything’s in place, every element is there for a reason.

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