Meet Dudu, my friend and assistant on Share The Word Project !

We’re both from Caen in Normandy and met at our football stadium.

When I was still a teenager he taught me how to make huge flags and displays using sheets if plastic. Being a few years older than me, he made sure I knew how to express myself with this medium.

Nowadays, Dudu (also known as شيخ الحج ) helps me with the painting in slums and refugee camps. In most of these places, I do not have access to good spray paint so I have to stick to paint brushes. As much as I enjoy working with brushes, it clearly takes a lot more time than using aerosol. This is one of the reasons why I need someone helping me. Also, logistics can be tricky in certain places and working as a duo makes everything easier and a lot more fun!

Not only is he a very clean painter but he also has 3 compulsory qualities for Share The Word Project : he finds solutions to the wide range of problems slum life throws at us; he adapts easily and blends in with the local communities; and he doesn’t panic. When he was held hostage by a gang in the Ivory Coast, or when we faced 2 men with machine guns in Iraq, we had to stay cold blooded and I knew things would be okay with Dudu! Also he has long arms which is often very handy!

Painting is a game you often play on your own, but I love these moments when we work as a team, with top lad Spag Bertin on the cameras, and Dudu and I on the murals !

Can’t wait to get back at it! Sharing these moments with your best friends make them even more special !The third picture is by Spag Bertin

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