Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

I’ve arrived in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan where I’ll will be painting for one month on a new episode of Share The Word Project.

The first step is to find a slum to paint in.

I don’t work with NGOs or fixers, and I don’t have sponsors or anyone to tell me where to go. I use satellite images to identify possible slums and then I simply go and visit them by foot.

The aim is to work in a marginalised area of the city, and to paint the words that the inhabitants want to express and share.

I spontaneously go to slums, meet people – who usually think I’m lost – and do my best to explain the project using my hands, a few odd words and a bunch of photos.

I’m here with Spag Bertin, a brilliant photographer with whom I started Share The Word Project in 2013, and with our friend Dudu who’s assisting as usual ! It feels great to be back in the areas where I feel that my work has the biggest impact.

Photo by Spag Bertin

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