Leaving a slum in which I’ve been working for a month is always a heartbreaking experience. I’ve been through this so many times but I never really get used to it. I want to thank all the inhabitants of Zavodskoy Paselok for being such good hosts. It amazes me how much we understood each other even though we only spoke 25 words in common. Art really has this unique power!

I’m very happy to have painted these 8 different murals in the slum. The last one is the 214th mural since the beginning of « Share The Word Project » in 2013 in Jakarta. Massive thank you to Dudu for his help, and congratulations to my art partner Spag Bertin for his brilliant images.

I also want to thank the people who’ve been following me, encouraging me and those buying my artwork. I self fund this project so if we’re able to do this, it’s thanks to you.


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