“Bandiera Senza Curva”

This time I created a piece without paint. Instead I used pieces of fabric sown together. I did it all myself with a sewing machine and I love how fabric adds texture! For sale, contact me for more info!

My dad taught me to sow when I was a teenager because I wanted to create flags to wave at the football stadium in Caen. This was at a time where I also learnt how to spray paint and how to create huge displays from plastic sheets in the stadium. Sowing is totally part of the ultras movement and football support in general. I’ve been using coloured fabric for a long time, but this is my first piece which isn’t designed for football which is why I’ve called it “Bandiera Senza Curva” 😊 flag without a football stand). Yet another exemple of « siamonoism* ».

* The term « siamonoism » comes from the italian phrase « … siamo noi » ( =we are … ) which is used by ultras of many italian football clubs in order highlight their identity like in the famous « Milano siamo noi » chant. « Siamonoism » designates artwork or artists who’ve emerged from ultras groups or who are inspired by the subculture.


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