Share The Word Project – Favara

Video of Share The Word Project in Favara, Italy! Check out my work with @Spagbertin !
[Subtitles available on youtube in English, Italian, Spanish, French.]

Street artist Seb Toussaint works in slums, refugee camps and low income neighbourhoods around the world for his ongoing mission “Share The Word Project”. He paints words that people choose and tells the stories behind these words. The idea is to bring some focus to marginalised communities.

In this episode, Seb Toussaint spends a couple of weeks painting in Favara, a low income town of Sicily, Italy. Through the words painted on the walls, video maker @Spagbertin captures the voices of the community.

Filmed in Favara, Italy, September 2020, with the support of @FarmCulturalPark .
All rights reserved ©SpagBertin.

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