Petare, Venezuela

Thank you so much for participating in our campaign to help a struggling Venezuelan slum.
Last April, Venezuelan artist @dagor1 and I launched a fundraising campaign called “Colores Para Petate” to help a suffering low-income neighbourhood of Caracas. People could download and print a colouring book with mine and Dagor’s drawings, and keep the kids busy with it during lockdown. With each download people were free to give whatever amount of money they wanted.

It took us a long time to transfer the money over to Venezuela because of the very complex situation there. It isn’t possible to simply transfer money to a Venezuelan account.

However we finally found a good way of getting the money over! We got bags of food for families who are struggling after the covid crisis hit an already extremely vulnerable community. We also printed some colouring books for the local kids.

Thank you to all of you who participated! The community really appreciates that people, even far away, actually care!
Thank you to @camargokgh , @vitamarcelot , Mar, Rodrigo and Blandine!

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