Ali Hassan, a 15 year old refugee from Bangladesh chose the word “Respect”. He left Bangladesh because his life was threatened by members of his own family. Some of his cousins were seaking revenge for issues he wasn’t even involved in. He left alone and after months of traveling by different means of transport he landed in Paris a few months ago. He’s taking french classes and would love to get a chance to study in France. At the moment he lives in a small hotel room while waiting to be transferred somewhere else. From his window he can see his word, painted on shutters at street-level.

Whether it be regarding his own cousins in Banladesh or regarding the way refugees are welcomed in Europe , Ali Hassan told me that RESPECT is for him the most important value, and it’s what is enabling him to start his new life in Europe.

Big thank you to @anthony5.5 for giving me this opportunity to paint someone else’s word on his own property! Thank you for supporting #ShareTheWordProject, for enabling Ali Hassan to express himself, and for supporting artists like myself ! If you have an outside wall and wish to use it for this purpose, do contact me!
📷 @anthony5.5

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