I’ve just completed this indoor mural in a community space in La Grande Borne, a social housing estate in Grigny, near Paris. La Grande Borne was built in the late 60s and early 70s to house inhabitants of parisian slums. Today 13000 people live here, mostly families having migrated to France from North, West and Central Africa.

Marietou, a local teenager, chose the word “Diversité” (diversity). Her family is from Mali, and she told me that “diversity” describes her community since 80 different nationalities live here. Grigny is known for being the poorest town in European France with a “poverty rate” of 45% (population with an income below 60% of France’s median income). However for Marietou, Grigny is one of France’s wealthiest towns in terms of cultures, languages and flavours.

Thank you to Marietou, Lisa, Amanda, and Kong! A pleasure to paint for you!

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