Syria, 10 years

It’s been exactly 10 years since the start of the ongoing civil war in Syria.
My thoughts go to the Syrian refugees who after having gone through the most inhumane atrocities, gave me so much faith in humanity.

Here are a few pictures I took in Kawergosk Refugee Camp in Northern Iraq.
In 2017, during the battle of Mossul, I spent one month living and painting in a refugee camp with 9500 displaced Kurdish Syrians.

Today half the population of Syria is displaced. It’s such a massive figure that I have trouble realising what that truely means. Listening to people’s stories, sharing meals, and painting people’s words, helped me see this conflict through the feelings and emotions of human beings. Conflicts aren’t just dates, statistics and a few big names seen as winners or loosers. Conflicts are the biggest form of trauma effecting the masses in all sorts of terrible ways. Let’s hope for peace in Syria, let’s keep ourselves informed, let’s keep listening to the Syrian people and let’s keep caring.

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