MKK96, 25 !

The MNK96 is officially 25 years old today!

The MNK96 is a group of fans supporting the S.M.Caen, a football club in Normandy playing in the french leagues. It is with this group in the football stadium that I started to paint, and design banners, flags, scarves and all sorts of displays.

The MNK96 is my art school and a second family. My friend Spag Bertin and I were pushed to create art in the football stadium by the older fans who contributed to making us artists. We learnt our trades, and made friends with people who have come and helped on many different episodes or Share The Word Project. Of course there is my friend/assistant Dudu, and Abdul Malek, Nono and of course El Afghani!

Can’t wait to be allowed back in the stadium for more fun and creativity!

Picture of Spag Bertin and I, representing our crew outside our borders.

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