Vernon – Normandy

Just completed this mural for “Courant d’Art” festival in Vernon, Normandy.

The theme of this year’s festival is Nature within cities and our role as human beings.

As usual I hadn’t prepared any sketches, as I wanted to be inspired by the place itself. I started by touring Vernon and taking pictures of plants and textures. I then painted 5 different patterns inspired by 5 different elements: weeping willows, water lilies, Vernon stone, wood, and the river Seine.

“Semper Viret” means “Always green” in Latin and is the town’s motto. I added 2 hands turned towards the patterns to stress the role than man has to play in protecting nature.

Thank you to Marie Guerin along with Elise and Ludivine for organising. Thank you to Yann, Reynald and Eric for their support and to my mentor Gillou and Chloe for the warm welcome!


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