Saint Joseph School – Caen (Normandy)

Just completed this mural in Saint Joseph school in Caen, Normandy.

This is where I went to school and it is where I met my 2 best friends Spag and El Afghani.
In 2011, the 3 of us left from this exact sports field for a cycling trip around the world. We cycled back to the same spot a year later cheered on by hundreds of kids and teachers.

The pupils chose the word « Amitiés » (friendships) which really is a word I can relate to!

The wall is 48 meters long and I painted it to represent a school year.

The 4 globes represent the autumn equinox, the winter solstice, the spring equinox, and the summer solstice. I painted them in that order because a school year here starts in September and ends in July. On either end of the mural I drew half of a yellow sun. The sun represents summer on either end of the school year. On can also notice slight changes in the colour scheme in relation to the seasons which are represented.

Big thank you the Gildas and his pupils, thank you to Sylvain, Anne Laure and M. Lahaye for making this possible !


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